We make music and films.  Sometimes both together.


Shadow Walk Films is an Atlanta, GA based independent film and music production group.  We specialize in creating unique, fun, and cinematic videos.  We also craft records with an organic, yet pristine sonic quality.  

We believe the creative process in film and music are inter-related.  In everything we do, whether telling a story with images, or capturing that magic musical moment, our goal is to create something timeless to be enjoyed again and again.

Shadow Walk is home to a boutique music production studio with over 15 years of recording and mixing experience.  We would love to be a part of your next creative project & help shape your artistic vision into a world-class product you'll be proud to share.



Take a listen to Paul Warner's reel of artists he's produced, engineered, and mixed.

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Watch a few of the videos we have recently scripted, lighted, shot, edited, color graded, etc.  Yes, a lot goes into it!

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