Will Boos

Producer/engineer, guitarist

Will Boos is a creative force to be reckoned with.  Hailing originally from Miami, he was exposed to world music at an early age, connected with projects in Chile, India, Middle East, Europe, as well as America.  Boos is a guitarist first and foremost, though his musical aptitude goes far beyond any single instrument.  In addition to vocals, piano, and percussion, he’s made it a point to gain hours of tangible studio experience on basically anything with strings- upright bass, mandolin, banjo, dobro, steel, ukulele, charango, sitar… the list goes on.  In fact, his passion for stringed instruments led him to become a certified luthier from John Marshall's Guild of Luthiers International.

Photography by Ashley Hernandez

Photography by Ashley Hernandez


At the age of 14, under the mentorship of Grammy award winning engineer Richard Aspinwall (Garth Brooks, Emmylou Harris), Will first learned the art of studio musicianship, punching in every bar of performance line by line until the recordings were truly up to hit record quality.  This early experience led Will to develop an intensely discriminating ear for great taste and tone.


Regardless of the musical situation, Boos brings a work ethic charged with positive energy and professionalism.  Fellow musicians immediately feel more at ease and confident in themselves when Will Boos walks in the studio.  He backs up his general air of optimism with a proven ability to direct and produce consistent results- he’s already hearing the sounds before the first playback has ended.  Given a bass guitar, Will can sit between the speakers and instinctively compose a perfectly balanced, yet ever so funky bass line to lay the foundation of a song.  He then has the ability, in the next moment, to layer in the perfect ambient texture sound, usually combining some type of electric guitar with any pedal and/or musical gadget in sight.  Of course, when you go to pick up your own instrument, he knows exactly what to say to make you smile and guide you to deliver your best performance as well.


“I just want to be the guy who plays on everybody’s record in town,” Will says humbly, with his trademark ascending-pitched laugh.  If only everybody in town were so lucky!